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A&M factory

A&M Factory is a health-food brand that makes high-quality, grain-free, delicious food that is also extremely good for you. I first redesigned their logo. I designed a clean, simple logotype that features “A&M,” whereas their previous logo instead highlighted the word “factory.” Next came the packaging. I designed packaging for their waffles and two types of toast. The packaging showcases the product clearly on the front, prominently on a fresh, solid-color background. The text was then divided up into helpful hierarchies, with the most prominent information being “grain-free” followed by “waffles.” The packaging also features a character the owners wanted as a sort of mascot for their brand. I custom-illustrated the monster for the client. The packaging includes all the necessary FDA information, including weight, description, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, and production location.

Sold at Whole Foods Market and Kimberton Wholefoods.

Self-directed art & design

Client: A&M Factory