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CBGB invitation

The CBGB was a music venue with the tagline “Country, Bluegrass, Blues, & other music for uplifting gormandizers.” The CBGB remained a country/bluegrass/blues venue for just a few months, however, before it started hosting up-and-coming punk bands from both the US and the UK. By 1974, the CBGB was known exclusively for punk. With some dramatic irony, this is an invitation for a conceptual retrospective grand opening event that plays on this dichotomy between the cultures of country/bluegrass music and punk music. Type and images inspired by Hatch Show Print posters assemble into punk imagery and are distressed in the style unique to photocopied punk posters. The invitation itself is a self-mailer poster with the RSVP and drink tickets enclosed inside. Souvenir buttons are also available at the event.

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

Photography: Austen Hart