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The Family Tree

The Family Tree is a trilogy of albums by Radical Face. The albums follow the fictional stories of five generations of the Northcote family, beginning in the late 18th century and ending after the dust bowl era. The Northcote family has strange blood, and this manifests itself in some family members as inexplicable abilities and supernatural senses. Each person is affected by it differently and some not at all. This leads to tension, estrangement, and terrible consequences, but also beautiful relationships, redemption, and deep camaraderie. Though all of the albums tell the story of the outcast, demonized, and human, this catalog focuses on the songs of the characters within the story who are supernaturally affected by their family’s blood, and how their or their children’s stories plays out over time.

The images in this catalog are meant to capture the mood of each song and each album, from nostalgia to devastation to heartbreak to isolation to unconditional love. The experimental type becomes part of the image rather than distinct from it. The website includes a visualization of the actual family tree and the songs that are linked to each character, a music player, an about page, a web store, and a tour page.

Art Direction: Scott Laserow

Photography: Austen Hart